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Saint Julien Des Landes

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August 4th

On the road by 2pm and on the ferry at 7pm. The cabins were still getting cleaned, so we headed up for a lovely meal.

Buffet starter, salmon and lemon tangine with hummus and vegetables, finished with a buffet desert. I went HARD!

Despite eating 3 days’ worth of food in one sitting, being full always makes me tired, so I was a gonner as soon as my head hit the pillow!


August 5th

Funnily enough, I always sleep my best in the ferry. I have no clue why, but there we are!

It was 6am, and the restaurant was open for breakfast… aka the ultimate indulgent. Pastries, cheeses, fruit, smoked salmon, fresh bread… what a gorgeous aroma!

I kept it simple and opted for a small cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, finished with a bowl of grapefruit and a yogurt. This hearty meal was also accompanied by, not one, not two, but THREE cups of coffee – in the course of 20 minutes. 3! I mean, it would’ve been rude to refuse a refill when the waiters come round with their coffee and tea pots… right?

Soon enough, we were docking and finally on the road, ready for a 200 mile journey (<\3). I was continually praying for my bladder to hold onto all the fluid that I just consumed…


August 6th

7.30am – Eat a banana

8.45am – Kit on, shoes tied

9am – 5km run in the hilly woods (lethal)

9.30am – Shower

9.45am – Bowl of branflakes and homemade granola

10am – Supermarket

10.30am – Run out of Supermarket due to anxiety attack – yep, anxiety doesn’t disappear as soon as you leave the country


August 7th

Mum’s birthday!!

I began the celebrations independently, waking up at 6am for a very refreshing 5k run. I came back, showered and slept for another 2 hours- bliss!

We said happy birthday, open cards and presents as we were eating breakfast which was really lovely.

We headed out to the Zoo and for some lunch.

I had a bit of an anxiety freak at the zoo after looking at a photo of myself, feeling completely crap about my body 🙁 I was obsessing over my thighs, I felt so big and un-toned. Despite being the fittest I have ever been, these thoughts still bombard my mind regularly (and unwelcomed).

After taking 5 minutes, I managed to reduce the level of anxiety, and my heart rate went back to its normal rhythm. We went out for some lunch, I had a MASSIVE vegan salad, which I was most pleased about! Followed by a LloaLloa frozen yogurt (aka the reason why we come back to this place).

After we came home, I wanted to move! (Plus getting sweaty and being active always reduces my anxiety)  So I ended up doing 2 other workouts! A ’10 minute ab blaster’ from Sarah’s Day Ebook (Sweat It To Shred It – 8 Week Active Lifestyle Challenge), and a ‘beach workout’ which consisted of several workouts with 100 meter sprints in between! (Well… they were supposed to be 20 meter sprints, but eh – I’m a try ‘ard)

The rest of the evening was so lovely. The morning and evenings – social, relaxing and food… it’s a good combination! I also watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ before bed, which always puts the biggest smile on my face.


August 8th

I woke up at 9.40am, and then as a family, we walked around the campsite for over 2 hours, it was lovely, but I was so tired!

I definitely didn’t have the fitness motivation I had yesterday!

Later, we came back, I ate, read the start of ‘Digital Fortress’ then fell asleep for a further 2 and a half hours! It was bliss, and I needed it!

The evening again was gorgeous – tea, pistachios and strawberries! But the best bit, was socialising with the other holiday-makers, chatting, laughing, drinking! It so nice to learn about people’s interesting lives, to share your history… it’s also just very eye-opening thinking how I wouldn’t have been able to speak a word to anyone 2 years ago – I’d run away, and stay totally to myself.



August 9th

Slept the most of the day…. had a panic attack that went on for hours in the night. I was getting anxious about University, whether going is a good option for me or not, whether I should just forget about it all. I’m convinced it’s a disaster waiting to happen. I’ll be going to a completely new school, new people, new judgments, a horrific work load, a hell of a lot of pressure… and on top of that, I’ll be working night shifts regularly from 8pm to 8am, which will totally mess up my sleeping schedule, and therefore my revision schedule. I’m going to get even more stressed as a result.

I just don’t know how it will pan out. I love maths, I genuinely enjoy it… but these next few months are going to be so stressful.


August 10th

Nice n chilled. Did a bit of reading (Digital Fortress by Dan Brown), a lot of eating and a 4 mile run.


August 11th

Puy Du Fou!

Incredible, exciting, interesting and exhausting!

The choreograph is just amazing – so detailed and intricate!


August 12th

We got home at about 1.30am, so as you can imagine I woke up at lunchtime. The day went by pretty quickly, but I managed to go on a quick run to get my weekly total past 13.1 miles!


August 13th

I had the intention of waking up at 7am to go on a long run. But as soon as I heard my alarm, that plan immediately went ‘though the window’ and I happily reverted to my pillow. Sometimes, your body just doesn’t wanna go!

I quickly learned that staying cwtched up was a wise choice – I was ill for the rest of the day. Nausea, dizziness, weakness, and generally feeling sick.


August 14th

Lovely chilled day, organising my new blog post which has been a really eye-opening experience. I was originally planning to say still for the day… but guess who went for a 5.4 mile run at 7 pm? Yep, this gal. It was rather spontaneous! Plus, it was supposed to be a 5k but I may have got lost…!

The rest of the evening was spent eating dark salted chocolate, reading and finishing an episode of Sherlock Holmes!


August 15th


Results tomorrow – aka discovering what my future holds. I’ve got that crappy chest pain as a result of the sheer level of panic.

I also uploaded my ‘Bikini Bodies and Unrealistic Body Standards’ post, which I’m so proud of! A few lovely individuals sent me photos and their perspective on how society promotes unrealistic body standards – I’m so proud of it!


August 16th

I purposely allowed myself a long sleep, so I can endure less panic before I get an email. However, during my usual routine of checking my site, social media, texts etc… I noticed I had a message from Cardiff University.

“Congratulations, you have secured a place to study G100 at Cardiff University. We will send you information about starting at Cardiff shortly.”


I did it! I felt an overwhelming sense of pride, as I continued my independent education despite the shittest circumstances imaginable. I was told to practically “give up” for two years. In 2017, I decided to go for it 3 and a half months before the exams, but I was practically kicked out of the class as I’d “bring other students down” …… followed by 97 UMS. That was me, no one else. I could’ve given up. I didn’t. And here I am, going to Cardiff University to study my favourite – Mathematics. (Yes, I enjoy math, I’m sorry).

The rest of the day consisted of food (whole bark of 85% chocolate, steak, and LloaLloa) to celebrate!


August 17th

A seriously hot and hilly 7.7 mile run… just to get my weekly total up to 13.1miles.


August 18th

Last day!

Le Grand Defi Parc De Loisirs Nature


August 19th

Au revouir Saint-Julien-Des-Landes.


Keep smiling, Lara x

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