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pre-warning – be prepared for a horrendously unstructured mixture of words and sentences.


The dreaded end of December is approaching… people regretting their dietary decisions over the past two weeks, questioning how the contents of their bank accounts has seemingly disappeared and parents are awaiting the day that the kids can finally go back into full time education.

Before I continue, I need to touch on the ‘guilt’ factor. Allow me to ask yourself a few questions. Did you enjoy the food? Were fond memories made? Were you able to spend time with the ones you love? Yes? Okay, so shall we just move on?

“New year, new me.” Hmm, so every after every 365 days (or 366… I don’t discriminate) a decent percentage of the country’s population are motivated to change their whole being. Determined to transform their existence for not only personal gratification, but in the hope to become more likable and attractive to an outside perspective.

As a ‘health and fitness blogger’ and an individual who promotes and encourages living a healthy, yet sustainable lifestyle, I’m all for people wanting to purchase membership for their local gym and make changes to their diet in order to benefit their overall physical health. But what I’m not so ‘okay’/in total personal agreement with, is where people immediately take these changes to the extreme…. then end up questioning why their 7-day-a-week gym sessions wasn’t realistic for them to sustain and why daily tasks have become exceedingly exhausting when their daily meal plan consists of a ‘Herbal Life’ shake, an apple and a portion of flavorless boiled broccoli.

So here’s my very simple advise for those of you wanting to undertake some changes (without stepping outside of the boundaries as I’m not a personal trainer neither a certified nutritionist).

In terms of fitness, gradually introduce components of an active lifestyle in your day to day life. Take it slow. Walking to work/parking a little further away. Shopping at the supermarket rather than relying on delivery… and all the other thousands of examples that are regurgitated all over the internet.

In terms of eating… don’t go on a ‘diet.’ Stray away from these money hungry (ironic) companies glamorizing starvation and severe caloric deficit, causing you to feel unnecessarily ‘guilty’ for a few days of indulgement (which will cause you to gain only TEMPORARY water weight) and encouraging you to spend an unfathomable amount of cash, kindly provided by that one very generous grandparent, on artificial crap. Don’t do it! As you can probably tell by my tone of writing, I’m not the biggest fan of the diet industry, to read more, check out a recent post of mine: http://lararebecca.co.uk/deprivation-diets/

In opposition, to continue this passionate ‘rant’ of mine (or should I say ‘a passionate expression of my opinion’?), is it just me that gets a little annoyed when the vast majority of resolutions only focus on the above? What about career goals? What about life aims? What about future achievements, following your true dreams/motivations and reaching your genuine potential? What about bettering yourself as a whole, rather than just aesthetically? No matter your age. No matter your life journey, gender or financial standing. Have a dream? Purse it. Hustle. Work for it. Hard work and determination will always trump ‘luck’ and inambition (I think I made that word up… but just stay with me). As long as you have the enthusiasm, work ethic and perseverance to follow what admittedly sparks excitement and drive within you, bloody go for it.

So… in conclusion, you want to make changes? Good for you.

  1. Don’t wait until January 1st to implement these
  2. Be realistic (small, gradual changes will benefit you in the long-term)
  3. Consider circumstances beyond abs/a smaller waist circumference
  4. Be true to yourself & don’t give into guilt-ridden slogans
  5. Most importantly, put your well-being first


Keep smiling,

Lara x


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  • Eva Rose

    yes! why is it that these “resolutions” are for aesthetic purposes only?! why aren’t we resolving to, i don’t know, brush 3 times instead of twice a day? or call my grandma more than just on christmas and when she sends me her coupons. whY oh why do they have to be egocentric

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