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So… I’m new to the gym. I’d consider myself a novice in all honesty.

2018 is when I first entered a gym. I probably did 3 sessions per month. ‘Session’ being a word I use very lightly. It was more of an adjustment process to what I now know, as my ‘happy place’. I only had confidence to go on the treadmill. On one hand, that is understandable as running was my no.1, however I really was terrified to try anything new.

Fast-forward to October 2018, I now have a full membership in a gym, which is far more accessible, and attend usually 4/5 times weekly.

So, here the question comes in about my goals. On a daily basis, whether that’s in person, through direct messages or whilst filming Q&A’s, I’m questioned about my goals.

Is it because you want a bigger bum? Do you want to get leaner? Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to gain weight?

My honest answer… no.

Right now (and yes, this may differ in the future), my goal is to simply continue genuinely enjoying training and remaining active. For others, this may not work, finding as if they somewhat need a motivation/purpose to attend on such a frequent basis. I guess you could consider myself as lucky, the fact that the gym is where I absolutely love to be. As sad as it may sound, I’d rather be there than at Pryzm or Live Lounge, dancing in a crowd of disorientation and alcoholism – just personal preference, eh?

Aesthetics have never been my motivation… and yet this is not me saying that I don’t like the way that my body has changed since training a lot more often. Seeing my body get stronger & leaner is pretty darn cool. But what I’m trying to reiterate is that that singularly will never be the exclusive inclination of myself stepping foot into my local gym.

So what is my ‘why?’ other than the general joy of it? I’m in that experimenting stage. All I’ve really known is long distance running, therefore, you could say that I’m now dedicating a good chunk of my time of exploring the vast array of fitness and training styles available to us, whilst simultaneously gaining some much needed confidence.

As you can probably tell by the picture inserted, weight has been an issue for me in the past… so I can reassure you, that I will never be found messing myself on a scale – ever. I personally ‘measure’ my fitness progression through feeling it, rather than a digit. I’m able to do an extra rep, an extra set even. I’m able to start my drop sets on a higher weight to what I did a few months prior. I’m able to run at a consistent pace for a greater distance. It’s the overall feeling of fitness and ability. That’s my goal. To be able to do more, yet still feeling strong and able to do so. This is just what works for me… trust me, it’s a lot more satisfying.

It’s a journey. It’s my lifestyle. Not just a random collection of months of excessive exercise to try and look ‘good’ wearing a bikini.

You do you.

Keep smiling, Lara x


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  • Steve

    Hi Lara,

    Just felt I had to drop you a line. I’ve had my share of health issues including depression, stress, anxiety (which resulted in having to retire early) and your issues for someone of such tender years break my heart.

    You have definitely got your head screwed on and are thinking the right way. The major thing that I always remember from the therapy I had was that thoughts are just that thoughts, they don’t really exist and with a bit of practise you can override negative thoughts (pick your own happy thought stream and go there if you feel anxious) it does work!

    I’d also like to add and this is from a 60 year old fat disabled married with kids bloke so is not any sort of chat up thing – but what a really beautiful attractive stunning girl you are. Life exudes from your face. I wish you every happiness and success in your life.

    If you get passed and hear a double beep whilst running around the lake it might just be me encouraging you on! Just to be down with the kids for a moment Go girl

  • Mr C J G

    Laura you bring to mind my favorite James T Kirk quote “There’s only one kind of woman…or man, for that matter. You either believe in yourself or you don’t.”. You are now someone who clearly believes in herself. If you stay that way, which I am sure that you will, you will never know anorexia again and you will do a lot and achieve a lot in your life. Keep strong, physically and mentally, and live a long and happy life.

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