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*flashback to February*

I spent a glorious week in the snowy Les Arcs!

I skied for 5 days, managing to travel over 200km, then hiked for one day to 3200m to take a few snaps.

I’m not a great skier… well, mediocre at best. Despite this, I had zero lessons. The main reasoning behind this is my glorious anxiety *sarcastic hooray.*

My big thing, is being able to remove myself from the situation that is causing anxiety. And so, when I had a panic attack on top of the mountain during my lesson last year… t’wasn’t ideal! It was the first day, and my first time in Courchevel, and so I had no knowledge of the slopes & had no map with me. This caused further anxiety. I then figured, that the best way to my chalet… was down…logic. And on this particular day, luck wasn’t on my side. I managed to find the iciest black ever, and completely pooped myself.

So yes, no lessons this year.

We were based in Arc 2000, but my favourite spots were 1600m and Peisey-Vallandry. Powdery gloriousness!!

One of the best parts? HOT CHOCOLATE!

Okok, so this was a massive #recoverywin for moi. I used to completely avoid dairy. It was a serious ‘fear food.’  And there I was, enjoying consuming almost 1 a day. They were absolutely delicious, and my shivering/numb hands appreciated the warmth immensely!

On our 5th day, I decided to ski only for the morning… I spent the afternoon walking about with my camera. The visibility was incredible, and there wasn’t a single cloud in  the sky… for approximately 20 minuets. Argghh!

Anyway, I traveled up to 3200m (Aiguille Rouge) and everything was white. It was as if I was in heaven.

Also, being able to travel in comfortable, insoled shoes was delightful… after spending hours upon hours in ski boots. I’m convinced that those things are made to completely ruin your ankles.

These types of holidays are probably my favorite. The combination of light daily physical activity, immense views and some seriously good food (including 3 course meals every evening in the chalet!), is, quite frankly the best.


Keep smiling, Lara x

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