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 In Mental Health

I prefer spending hours of quality time with a meaningful, supportive and encouraging individual, rather than spending invaluable time with a group of acquaintances.

I thrive independently. My creativity, motivation and drive stems from me embracing my own company, in my office, incense burning and classical piano playing through my Bluetooth speaker.

I prefer spending the evening in my home, drinking an endless supply of tea, reading a book with candles lit, rather than heavily drinking in claustrophobic clubs.

I always wear either earphones or headphones publicly, listening to podcasts and music.

Small, random acts of kindness are the highlights of my days.

Just because I decide to keep to myself, doesn’t immediately mean that I myself, am eligible to be categorised as stuck up or antisocial.

I enjoy spontaneity, but can never go wrong with a bit of organisation and planning.

A few days ago, I woke up at 5.45am for my early shift, but took 10 mins out to watch the sunrise as I was drinking my morning coffee and listening to Ludovico Eianudi – I was pretty happy about it.

My idea of the perfect afternoon is sat outside, with a notebook, listening to Maisie Peters and a take out americano at hand… aka what I am doing right at this very moment… with the addition of daisies, sat outside Cardiff Castle.)

I am an introvert.

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