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I’m Tired

 In Mental Health

“Look after yourself”

“Listen to your body”

“Take a break”

“Focus on you”

I really need to start practicing what I preach.


This isn’t a blog post to complain… it’s something to keep me accountable.

I have been guilty recently of adding to my endless to-do list, agreeing to practically everything that comes my way… whilst in the meantime attempting to impress everyone else with limited focus on my personal well-being. Never ending tasks and projects in addition to my very much irritating trait of perfectionism is driving me borderline crazy.


So, Lar, listen up…

It’s not necessary to feel like you have to answer every individual email, within the minute that you received it, organised and structured to ‘perfection.’

Took 2 months off training? That’s a-okay. You allowed your body to rest and recover, which was very much needed.

Working to the point of exhaustion and overwhelming stress is not productive… allowing breaks is healthy and will be beneficial.

As soon as you come home from work, take time for you… adapt your routine to breath and relax post 8 hour shift, rather than jumping immediately on the laptop and working until 2am.

Spend on yourself. It’s okay to spend money on things and experiences which aren’t just your monthly gym membership, food and train fares. So go out and buy that diffuser and those essential oils and treat yourself (and a new pair of shoes as those goddamn black vans have seen their day).

Plan ‘Wi-Fi off hours’ and finish that book that you’ve been wanting to complete. No need to feel guilty for taking time for yourself.



That was from me to me, hopefully it can relate back to you too. So moral of this likely pointless blog post is – listen to your body. Your well-being, mental health and happiness should be no.1 – always.

Keep smiling,

Lara x

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    This is a best blog from others it ia an inspiring and it is so like relate to teenagers and young adults

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