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As you may know from my Instagram (if you don’t follow me there, then I have no clue how you’ve found this), I was due to run and pace for the ‘Down Tow Up Flow’ Half Marathon up in Windsor.

However, due to a lack of pacing volunteers, this was no longer the case. Although I was given the opportunity to run it, I decided to kindly decline… mainly due to the 30c+ weather forecast. Despite this, my family and I made the executive decision to still use it as an excuse for a weekend away!


Saturday 21st

Sadly, the first day was a difficult one for me. My anxiety and general mental health hadn’t been doing so great, and I did the very unwise exercise of allowing my emotions to eat me up inside. Hey, we’re all human right?

Anyway, this caused a long awaited panic attack followed by an hour long cry. It wasn’t ideal, but I always feel better after. I feel refreshed, almost.

I do question if my dad is actually able to figure out what the hell I’m saying mid-hyperventilating. Surely it’s totally inaudible… yet he always manages to say the right thing.

In the end, it was a good sleep that really made everything a little better – the pain in my chest and shaking arms thankfully subsided.


Sunday 22nd

I blissfully woke up to the reverberating sound of my sister refusing to apply her sun tan lotion… there’s no better noise, right?

I gobbled down my usual bowl of branflakess with almond milk, followed by a considerable amount of coffee and a banana. The bananas were still slightly green – my ideal shade! I personally can’t stand a mushy, brown banana – they only belong in a bakes, sweet loaf!

Anyway, moving swiftly along from my ‘nana debate…

We took a leasurley stroll into the centre of Henley. We popped into few shops, as ya do. I happily spent 10 minutes admiring everything in ‘Paperchase’ (a.k.a stationary heaven) despite the fact that the shop is readily available in my home town. Logic.

I was (and still am) very pleased to have bought a pastel/dotted headband, which I have now, to my relief, will be the savior to my awkward pixie cut grow-out stage. Yes, I may look like a 7 year old, but I’m determined to to rock the 7 year old look, as long as my troublesome and almost unmanageable length of hair is out of my face and not stabbing my eyeballs.

Next on the agenda, coffee. I treated myself to my usual – large iced Americano with a dash of skimmed milk. I was most pleased that ‘Lara’ was written n the cup rather than ‘Laura’, ‘Lauren’ or an abundance of other questionable names – just thought that it was necessary to mention.

After a spot of lunch (tuna salad with cucumber, hard-boiled eggs, new potatoes, tomatoes, olives, vinaigrette dressing and a pint of iced lemon water), we passed an antique shop… and happened to spot a 4 foot tall metal flamingo.

I’m aware of how odd this may sound, but my family have a funny thing with flamingos (I won’t go into it – don’t worry!) – so it certainly made us chuckle.

After a brief minute of deliberation, we decided to purchase said flamingo, whom we named ‘Henley’, otherwise known as ‘Henny’ (we’re on a nickname basis).

This therefore resulted in a 1.5 mile walk back, full of curiously/concerned looking individuals…. I can’t blame them!

I spent an hour reading, whilst attempting to lessen the severity of last weeks sports bra tan line. My original plan seemed to be successfully accomplished… however, typically, I gave into my running urge and completely reversed my hour of hard work. I think I’ll just have to accept that I will always have an unforgivingly pale ‘V’ shape on my back.

Meet Henny

Firstly, I was reluctant to run considering the fact that I have zero geographical knowledge of my current location. Despite the high likelihood of getting lost in this unfamiliar town, I headed out.

I ran along the water and around the idyllic almost vintage looking town of Henley On Thames….. whilst obviously listening to ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack.


Monday 23rd

Not much to say for this day – we were home by 1pm!


Keep smiling, Lara x

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