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Take advantage of the difficult times

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Taking advantage of the difficult times. Understandably easier said than done, yet the single most empowering thing once accomplished… satisfying beyond explanation once those small glimmers of hope are recognised.

It’s inevitable that we’ll all face challenges. Hate to admit it – but that’s the reality of this thing we call life.

My personal situations put me in a place I never could’ve previously comprehended being. The ultimate example of ‘fight, flight or freeze’. I’ll receive pitty, individuals wanting to recalibrate my life timeline to allow an ‘easier’ path. To provide me with an uncomplicated, straightforward, simple life. Translation: a life without the gift of self-growth.

Those occasions, yet devastatingly difficult, are the reasons why I find myself here today. Why my skin is that extra bit thicker, why I am able to progress, to communicate and form positive, confident relationships. Why I no longer fear failure (as bad as I used to). Why I’m independent, self-reliant and prepared for whatever sh*tstorms life wants to throw directly in my face again.

In retrospect, is there such thing as ‘losing’? Or is that just our subconscious mentality driving us feel defeated by something that didn’t happen to go our way? No matter the severity of the situation, whether it’s an inner battle, familial, within a relationship, career… utilise those unfortunate circumstances as lessons.  It’s certainly a skill – one I’m still learning and familiarising to myself.

I guess I just wanted to briefly remind you that no matter the predicaments you find yourself in, there is another side. More often than not, once you arrive to that side, you’ll find yourself appreciating what you went through – as it provided you with the tools to become stronger. It’ll open a new perspective. It’ll unexpectedly expose the resilient characteristics you hold within… but didn’t think was there.

So take it in your stride. Head held high. You’ll be okay.


Keep smiling,

Lara x

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