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It’s officially my last day as an 18 year old… one less year until I am finally free of being a teenager.

So, just a little bit of reflection… here’s what I did


1. Embraced (and heavily detested) my pixie cut

2. Saw ‘The Killers’ perform for the 5th time in Swansea and shamelessly cried along to ‘Rut’

3. Ran the Cardiff Half Marathon an enjoyed every moment (other than when I thought my legs were going to give way on the 12th mile)

4. Finally officially signed up and got my very own membership at my local gym, where I began implementing strength an weight training into my fitness routine

5. Challenged my social anxiety and attended the Creator Agency event in London, November 17th, where I met who I now know as some of my closest friends

6. Finally had the confidence to launch my YouTube channel, uploading my first video on the 22nd of November

7.  Re-listened to ‘Turn’ by the Wombats, ‘Run For Cover’ by the Killers, ‘Someone to you’ by the BANNERS and ‘Bad Liar’ by Imagine Dragons, countless times

8. Fell back in love with playing the piano (desperately need to get some new books though!)

9. Discovered that ‘Bills’ is in fact dog friendly and had the best time taking Cari there for a coffee

10. Discovered my favourite quote by Morgan Harper Nichols…. “And even though things have changed, what still remains true is this: through everything you went through, those experiences have shaped you, and have only prepared you to carry unapologetic strength and confidence to whatever new things you do”

11. Ate an impressive volume of almond butter

12. Uploaded a very raw and vulnerable video to my channel on the 22nd of January, sharing my story and transformation from anorexia and depression, to where I am today – which has now reached 7.3 million views

13. Discovered that Pret does 99p filters, 49p with a reusable cup (winning)

14. Was invited to go on Heart Radio, interviewed by the BBC, 2 live interviews with S4C and also worked with ITV, allowing me to raise further awareness for mental illnesses, talk about my journey and the positive engagement I’ve had from telling my story through my social media platforms

15. Attended my first ‘BodyPower’ Expo, reconnected with creators, and had one of the best weekends

16. Was invited to my first public speaking event, and spoke, in Welsh, in front of almost 100 people

17. Purchased my first Gymshark leggings and sportsbras, and now beginning to realise that I may soon be spending 50% of my monthly wages on their activewear

18. Learned to focus and priorities my happiness, health and overall well-being… through following and pursing my genuine passions, appreciating the small meaningful moments in life over materialism… and overall, just doing what’s best for me – and only me


19… what have you got in store for me?


Keep smiling,

Lara x


photo credit: @jp.pixels

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  • Ali asgar vandeliwala

    So this is surely best things u have done things i haven’t done anything since 17years

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